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Hygienic. Aquasensor sensorfaucets prevents against contact contagion.


The tap as a source of contagious diseases.

AQUASENSOR electronic taps operate without being touched and protect users against the transfer of bacteria and viruses by contact contagion. Because taps are opened with dirty hands, the handles are full of bacteria. When closing the tap, the hands are contaminated again straight away. This way, bacteria such as campylobacter, salmonella and listeria literally pass from hand to hand. These bacteria can lead to food poisoning or food contamination. The fact that cross-contamination takes place via water taps was assumed for a long time already, but today this transfer has been demonstrated as well. Moreover, the tap handles are always wet, which is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Viruses such as Hepatitis A, for example, are also transferred via tap handles. This virus is transferred through the faecal-oral route. When the toilet is used, the tap handle can be contaminated. This means that someone’s faeces contain the contagious virus particles, which end up in the mouth one way or another (usually via the hands). The Hepatitis A virus can also end up on tableware and food via the hands. Drinks and food can thus be contaminated.


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